Mohta Public School is situated in the heart of city inside the old fort (Garh) at Sadulpur.

Rajgarh (Sadulpur) is well connected with all the major cities of Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. It is the Midway between Jaipur and Sri Ganganagar as well as Delhi and Bikaner. Regular train and bus services are available round the clock. Sadulpur is a big junction on the north railway.

The school campus is spread over an area of approx, two acres. The school environment is perfectly pollution free. The school is co-educational. The campus is divided aesthetically and thematically into various blocks designed for maximum convenience and utility of students. The school management has consciously accorded priority to providing open space and allocating more room for every classroom.


Mohta Public School was founded by Late Syt. MK Mohta S/O late Syt. SM Mohta in the year 1989. Formerly it was a middle school. It was raised to the secondary level in the year 1992. It was affiliated to the Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Since 1st April 1995, it has been affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

It offers its student all the advantages of a Modern Educational System without the distraction of modern city life.

Great and wise men are born on Earth from time to time. Each one of them has certain outstanding qualities which make him a leader in his own field,  be it industry, business, education, religion, philosophy, politics or the like but seldom is born a man who imbibes all over most of these qualities combined.

Late Syt. MK Mohta was one such person in whom we found many great qualities in a large measure. He was not only and astute Businessman and Industrialist but also a great philanthropist and educationist, Nationalist and patriot of high order. His achievements in various fields, have inspired many of us to follow is examples of hard and sustained work in the service of the nation.


1. Shri S.V. Mohta                         President
2. Smt. Poonam Mohta               Vice-President
3. Shri S.P. Mittal                          Treasurer
4. Shri P.C. Tambi                         Secretary
5. Shri Shailendra Porwal         Principal

Our vision

Even in this modern day and age the words of great men like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda inspire our vision, Mohta Public School believes that education must ensure the ‘all- round development of a child’ and is the ‘manifestation of the perfection already in men’. Therefore our vision is to prepare the student not only to phase examinations but also to face challenges off life with confidence. Our vision entails inculcating the qualities of love, patience and tolerance in our students. State of the art infrastructure complements our Indian value system emphasised by our experienced and committed school faculty that promotes character building through the principles of Satya, Ahimsa, Charity, Self-restraint and Kindness.


Impact education based on quality and excellence and evolve a curriculum for their physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. Serve as a powerful instrument for human resource development with transferable skills to meet emerging challenges. Help students learn the importance of peaceful coexistence, sportsmanship, mutual respect and Corporation, self esteem and other social attributes. Create a centre of spiritual and cultural moorings leading to the emergence of a generation of torch bearers of Indian culture and ethos.