Exam & CCE

The examination bulletin given below is tentative. Changes received from the CBSE  will be communicated from time to time.

Grading System :

All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in marks and overall assessment will be given in grades in 9 point scale in secondary (classes IX & X), 7 point scale for middle school (classes VI to VIII) and 5 point scale for primary (classes I to V). The report cards will carry the grades only.

The performance of the students in the primary classes will also be shown in GRADES (5 point scale) as per previous practice. The grades will be given on the basis of performance of the students in all the 6 tests. The new grading system is given below in Table-3.


The school has four sections:

Pre-Primary : Nur , LKG and HKG

Primary  : Grade I to V

Secondary:  Grade VI to VIII

Senior Secondary :  IX to XII


Pre – Primary

Hindi , English, Maths, Rhymes

Primary  : Grade I to V

English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Sc., General Knowledge.

Secondary:  Grade VI to VIII

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer and  Sanskrit as 3rd Language.

Senior Secondary :  IX & X

English Core/Elective, Hindi Core/Elective, Mathematics, Science (Physics / Chemistry / Biology), Social Science (History / Civics / Geography / Indian Economy)

Senior Secondary :  XI & XII

Science with Maths : English Core/Elective, Mathematics, Physics, Chemitry.+ Optional Subject

Science with Biology : English Core/Elective, Biology, Physics, Chemitry. .+ Optional Subject

Commerce : English Core/Elective, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies.+ Optional Subject

Optional Subject : Hindi Core / Physical Education