MOHTA PUBLIC SCHOOL’s  mission statement is “Nurturing The Leaders Of Tomorrow”.  It offers the Scholars a distinctive mix of traditional values and exciting opportunities. We strongly believe in encouraging everyone to have high expectations of themselves and respect for others.

We at MPS have always tried to provide top class education facility and healthy environment for your children to grow. To maintain the aura and to become better, we have incorporated Digital Learning System (DLS) parallely to our traditional one.

CBSE is a Nexus of experimental learning as stated by Mr Anurag Tripathi “Secretary CBSE” enduring the same. We at Mohta Public School are proud to announce that we are the first to collaborate it. MPS have always believed in leadership. Keeping the same in mind while looking forward to future for the betterment of our students; we are the first into district to come up with initiatives like

Experimental learning System in lieu of Traditional Learning.

Let me summarize what Experimental Learning System is :

Experimental Learning is designed to make learning a joyous, engaging and a creative process. In this, we create engaging and interactive learning sessions, through concepts and skill based games. It is a creative process that leaves the learner with the sense of Joy, confidence and fulfillment. It is based on the belief that learning happens when attitude and perception are positive. We try our best every day to make good better by applying the same concept to our learning system.

The key aims are :

  • Providing education for all round development of child.
  • Making learning an enjoyable experience.
  • Providing knowledge to make a code of moral values and recognizing the necessity for discipline and co-operation with others.
  • Contributing to the society where the individual is not only valued but also allowed to develop a sense of worth.
  • Providing a healthy & congenial atmosphere to prepare worthy citizen of nation.
  • Along with academic excellence, the parallel focus is on value based education, humility, respect, integrity, self-discipline and sense of humour, to enable the child evolve into a good human being.
  • To focus on the students who are competent to perform in a globalized knowledge economy.
  • The main aim of the School is to provide Excellence in Education